A New Year

(I will begin blogging here, and will eventually move my blogs over to this site.)

2016 is officially here. First of all, let us hope this year is better than the last. Here in America we have an election coming up. Something that’s been happening for the last few months too.

I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions, as I think it’s best to make small changes all throughout the year, one step at a time. But there are always things I want to do: write a little more, publish more (or send it out for publication), get to the gym a little more than I did this lat year—which should be easy since I didn’t go much this year—work through therapy, all that. And I hope this year will be a good one: full of new, fun experiences, full of progress, and of course full of learning. Though learning is not always easy.

There will be struggle, I’m sure, and some moments where life is difficult and I won’t want to work though it. I know those times will come, just not when or where. And I hope I can work through them to be a stronger person. Sometimes though, life gives us too much at once. Perhaps we’ll get some too much good!

Anyway, what are some of the things you want to happen in the next year? Did you make resolutions?