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Your Bridge to Success

Your Bridge to Success

Editing Trial or Trial Critique

Editing For Fiction: Before you pay for editing a whole manuscript, I offer a trial critique or edit of your work. I’ll read the first (or other) chapter of your book and I will make in-manuscript notes and a full page of my thoughts. Includes structure elements (characters, POV, setting, etc), how engaging I find the material, if I wanted to continue reading, and where I believe the story is going. $35 flat fee for up to 3500 words. (Note: this only applies to book-length works of fiction.)

Editing For Poetry: Please send up to 6 pages of poetry. (Note: this only applies to book-length works of poetry.)

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Short Critiques for Prose or Poetry

If you would like a brief opinion about your work with a few suggestions for improvement; $30 an hour/1000 words. These notes will be in a separate document.

Editing Services for Fiction, Poetry, or Academic Work

As a writer, I understand the care an author needs towards his/her work, and the unique voice that must stay intact. Cost is based on the level and type of editing you desire and length of the manuscript. Upon request, I can also fact-check for you; please email for a quote.

All the below include email correspondence for clarification of editing points on your manuscript. I ask that you email you questions in bulk rather than as they appear—especially for longer work. This makes it easier for me to find and answer your questions in a timely manner.

  • Copyediting: 1.5¢/word
  • Line Editing: 2¢/word
  • Content Editing: 3.2¢/word

Copyediting fixes grammar and punctuation errors, forms coherent stylistic choices, and makes effective word choices. Line Editing fixes sentence level errors and rearranges ideas to fit better together; this level also looks into paragraph/chapter constructions and for continuity errors. Content Editing offers suggestions to your written work about changes to story or form for better flow. Few grammatical errors will be fixed at this level. Recommended for academic works OR short stories less than 10,000 words. See Creative Mentoring for novels or full-length books of poetry.

Proofreading is no longer offered (this is for work that has been edited already edited).


Author Jim Grayson

Jim Grayson

As a writer, I have been fortunate to have K. Andrew Turner as my writing coach, editor and friend.  Our association began after I completed my first novel.  I found that my skill set was not up to professional standards.  That result motivated me to take several of Drew’s writing seminars.  The classes pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop my writing skills.  My last novel, Trailer Vamp, began life as an exercise in one of these classes.  Drew edited the final work, adding to its impact while removing many of its imperfections. He was particularly good at understanding my sense of humor and creating opportunities for me to add punch to the novel that were consistent with my voice.  I am currently in the marketing phase for my novel, but the confidence that I gained, helped get a contract with Taylor/Francis, CRC Press for my non-fiction book: A Planner’s Guide to Safe Schools.

-Jim Grayson author of Trailer Vamp-Love Bites