Poetry Collections

Short Fiction

  • “Men Are Predictable” in Chiron Review, issue #96 [read | order] Autumn 2011
  • “Lucky” in Bank-Heavy Press, Robo-book [readorder] July 2012
  • “Blue Moon” in Creepy Gnome, v3 The Last Issue [read | order] Spring 2013
  • "The Magnificent" in Carnival: Magic [readread on Carnival Literary] June 2014
  • "Second Sunrise" in Believe Me Not: An Unreliable Anthology [readorder] October 2014


  • “fading life” in Carnival Literary Magazine, v2. [readdownload, p. 31] June 2012
  • “On Loneliness” in LUMMOX [readorder] 2012
  • “Sunday Sale” in A Few Lines and in Cadence Collective [read] 2012, June 2014
  • “Strings” in the art show, Me Small, Space Big at Citrus College [read] April 2012
  • “I don’t invite family to poetry readings” in Kisses with Fishes by Bank-Heavy Press [readorder] September 2012
  • “Haiku 99” Carnival Literary, Coffee [readdownload, p. 38] December 2013
  • “Exposed Brick” Carnival Literary, Coffee [readdownload, p. 37] December 2013
  • “Converse” in Through A Distant Lens: Travel Poems [readorder] February 2014
  • "Across the Driveway" in Cadence Collective [read] June 2014
  • "Whidbey Island" in Cadence Collective [read] June 2014
  • "I Cannot Afford" in Gutters and Alleyways [readorder] September 2014
  • "In America" in Cadence Collective [read] November 2014
  • "Sharcas" in Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity [order] September 2015
  • "Possess" in Carnival Literary [read] February 2016

Creative Nonfiction

  • “The Path that Lay Behind” in Creepy Gnome, v3 The Last Issue [order] Spring 2013

Graphic Novels

  • Hawthorne Boulevard, Volume 1 with Karina Dale 2013 (hiatus)