Mentoring for Writers

Do you have a story idea that is begging to be set free? Do you have difficulty getting words on the page? Do you want to write with less effort? Do you need someone on your side?

Unlocking Your Potential

I can help you write your thoughts and explore your creative side, whether or not the inspiration is there. I take a different approach to mentoring: creativity only knows the bounds you place upon it. With meditative techniques coupled with extensive knowledge of the craft, I can help you triumph over the roadblocks in your way.

With my background of over 15 years in creative writing, as your mentor I can help you achieve your writing goals: including publishing, finishing a manuscript, learning new techniques, or finding an agent. Writing is a process where we discover ourselves and our desires. As writers, we must explore parts of ourselves that we may not wish to.

Currently, I offer in-person sessions in the San Gabriel Valley, or, via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime or over the phone. Please contact me for individual session and let me know what you want to work on. Book your two hours now (one to two sessions)!



K. Andrew Turner has the unique ability to jump inside of an author's mind and maintain his or her voice. His detailed knowledge of story craft combined with a positive attitude made him the perfect mentor for me. I'm forever grateful for the many hours he spent supporting and guiding me on the path to publication.

Ranee Dillion, author of Ring Binder (The Binding of Twelve)