K. Andrew Turner writes truth and near-truths in prose and poetic forms. His works spans the literary, lyrical, and speculative genres with an emphasis on LGBT themes. In addition to the exploration of human relationships, his works touches on the absurd, the spiritual, and the observational. He believes the body, mind, and spirit are intertwined and that all life is connected, whether through breath or action. His work has appeared in Chiron Review, Carnival Magazine, Lummox, Cadence Collective, and various anthologies and local publications. He was a semi-finalist for the 2016 Luminaire Award.

He teaches and coaches writers with traditional and meditative methods to evolve and define their work. As the founder of East Jasmine Review in 2013, K. Andrew Turner works to publish quality writing with an emphasis in giving voice to marginalized literary communities, as he believes diversity creates a network of shared experiences. He lives, works, and writes in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California where he spends too much time on Twitter and Tumblr.

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