About the Author

I live in the San Gabriel Valley, near sunny Los Angeles. I’ve been writing since I was in the seventh grade. My writing journey began then, with my first attempt at a fantasy novel, because I thought I could do better than what I read (it’s very hard!). I continued my growth by blogging back when MySpace was king of social media. I decided to major in creative writing, abandoning my previous focus of directing. Now, I write poetry and fiction, for different reasons. My poetry helps me heal, and my fiction is the stories I’ve always wanted to read.

Throughout my career, I have struggled to find my voice. By working for years in therapy and a lot of self-work and writing through my past, I feel I’ve reached a new level in both my writing and my personal life. I’m always learning and reading, especially in nonfiction scientific works, because understanding the world we live in through the lens of our bodies is very important to my writing.

I’ll let you in on a secret I’ve discovered: writing from the body–the sensations we all experience and the power and mysteries that are hidden–is the key to writing convincingly. The mind is fickle, but the body is ever-present and ready; we should trust it more. My latest collection hints at this: that that we function best as a single, whole united.


K. Andrew Turner writes queer and speculative prose and poetry from the observational to the absurd. He teaches and mentors writers among the palms trees and under the eternally sunny-skies of Los Angeles. In 2013, he founded East Jasmine Review—an electronic literary journal—where he remains as Publisher. He was a semifinalist for the 2016 Luminaire Award. Arroyo Seco Press published his first chapbook, “Gymlationship”. His work has also appeared in Chiron Review, LUMMOX, Carnival Literary, Sadie Girl Press, MUSE and other magazines and anthologies