Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin: Poetry Book Review by Realistic Poetry

First Full Length Poetry Book Review

Hi all! My first book review of Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin is in! Check it out here. They do honest reviews and only feature 5 star reviews on their page. It’s always fascinating to see how other people read/think about my work and this is no exception. Read it, pick up a copy here on my site, and let me know what you think about my book!

Author K. Andrew Turner’s Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin is a poetry collection divided into four complete sections, with each segment representing one of the descriptive words used to make up the book’s title: heart; mind; blood; skin.

Intimacy, sensuality, fantasies and relationships are key themes relevant to the first section of the book, including expressive poems like, ‘Dating,’ where Turner opens up about the rarity of finding the ideal “special someone,” even in such a vast, broad, and diverse modern society.

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