Over the past couple months, I’ve been dealing with so much. Ignoring mental health issues for so long has a consequence and for me, I had to pay some of those outstanding bills from years and years ago. Therapy is helping, and I’m working through things very, very slowly, but progress, I’m told, is progress nonetheless.

Most of my time is spent working through issues and trying to live life: not an easy balancing act. However, a few good things happened. My first chapbook, “Gymlationship,” was released by Arroyo Seco Press. I’m glad this was my first publication, as it taught me so much already, mostly that I wasn’t prepared for it. There is a lot of work and effort put into a manuscript, but so much more in marketing and talking and selling it.

I also attended my first AWP Conference (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) to great general success. Lots of networking, new and familiar faces, and of course picking up some good tips on writing lifeā€”not to mention the large sack of reading material to add to my list.

This journey is more difficult than I expected, more painful than I want to admit. I can only hope the rewards are worth it.

Take care, friends. I’ll be here, writing and working to get better.