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Tip the Author

Tip the Author
If you like my work and wish to support me, you may do so here. Any amount would be helpful and awesome! Thank you for your support!
Price: $1.00
by K. Andrew Turner

First Chapter Critique

I’ll read the first chapter of your book and offer you a detailed critique with in-manuscript notes and a full page of my thoughts. Includes structure elements (characters, POV, setting, etc), how engaging I find the material, if I wanted to continue reading, and where I believe the story is More Info »
Price: $20.00
by K. Andrew Turner

Creative Mentoring

Mentoring sessions are intense, one-on-one sessions where we focus on your work, your craft, and your writing goals. These sessions are ideal for intermediate writers. Beginning writers can also benefit from more craft-oriented sessions. Advanced writers will be able to tackle more nuanced approaches to writing When you purchase, a More Info »
Price: $150.00
by K. Andrew Turner