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San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival Reading

dA Center for the Arts 252 D South Main Street, Pomona, CA, United States

Join me at the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival Sunday, February 21! I will be reading with fellow East Jasmine Review editors Viannah Duncan and Stephanie Barbé Hammer. We will be reading fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from East Jasmine Review. Viannah and I will read some of our own work. Stay and listen to Stephanie read later in the day! ...


Sense Workshop @ The Poetry Lab

WE Labs 235 E. Broadway Ave 8th Floor, Long Beach, CA, United States

In this renewed workshop we will not only identify and write with the five traditional senses but also explore beyond to the expanded definitions of sensations. Through exercises, prompts, and sharing, we will craft poetry that breathes life with dimensionality, depth, and weight. Readers and listeners can connect more fully to work that appeals to their senses and allows them to ...

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