50 Most Popular Posts – As It Ought To Be Magazine

As It Ought To Be magazine has posted their top 50 most popular posts of 2022. My poem “Monsters” is on the list! Check out all the posts here: https://asitoughttobemagazine.com/2022/12/31/year-in-review-our-50-most-popular-posts-of-2022/

New Poem: “Monsters”

Please check out my latest poem, “Monsters” in As It Ought To Be Magazine! I’m really proud of this one! K. Andrew Turner: “Monsters” Based on the artwork Jimi Hendrix by Moebius: Moebius-Hendrix5-e1547709942603.jpg

Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin: Poetry Book Review by Realistic Poetry

First Full Length Poetry Book Review Hi all! My first book review of Heart, Mind, Blood, Skin is in! Check it out here. They do honest reviews and only feature 5 star reviews on their page. It’s always fascinating to see how other people read/think about my work and this is no exception. Read it, pick up a copy here on …

Feeling Safe in Queer Spaces

A bit of context: some of this is from my therapy notes. I’ve changed his name because it’s not the goal to call a particular person out, but rather a particular behavior (that’s been called out millions of times). Sunday morning is writing group day in Pasadena and has been for years every since I finished my first NaNoWriMo in LA. …

Mental Health Awareness Month

I was made recently aware that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The goal is to spread positive messages and end the stigma of mental health issues. This obviously hits home as I have several issues, and a history of mental illness in my family. So I wanted to spend a little time this month to discuss. I’d like to …


Over the past couple months, I’ve been dealing with so much. Ignoring mental health issues for so long has a consequence and for me, I had to pay some of those outstanding bills from years and years ago. Therapy is helping, and I’m working through things very, very slowly, but progress, I’m told, is progress nonetheless. Most of my time …

Valentine’s Day

For many, Valentine’s Day is just another day, or if they are in a relationship, a nice way to reaffirm the choice of partner they’ve made. For some, it’s an annoying reminder of being single, or a reason to celebrate being single. For me, I am usually reminded of past trauma. When I was 18, I was “found out” as …

News: Updated Events

I’ve updated a few of the events I’ll be reading and/or teaching at on my events page. Click below for more details. I will also be teaching a workshop in May, details to come later. Sunday February 21 San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival—Reading at 3:00 pm Sunday March 6 Poetry Workshop: The Senses—Workshop at 1:00 pm

Being Social

Support me on Patreon—a site for creators to connect with patrons. Your support will help me worry less about how to survive and more on how to create better art (including blogs!). I appreciate any and all levels of support. I post poems, short fiction, observations, and blogs (before they appear here). I wrote a blog for this week and decided …

Semifinalist for the 2016 Luminaire Award

My poem “Our Judgment” was a semifinalist for the 2016 Luminaire Award, a poetry contest by Alternating Current. I believe it will be published in April in The Spark. I will link and let you know when that publication comes in. Thank you all for your support in this journey. And let us hope for more awards in the future!