New Website Layout

Welcome to my updated website! I’ve been spending a few hours here and there to get this new layout ready for your eyes. I think it’s pretty fantastic. Before, it was fairly difficult to update my site and keep everyone up-to-date on events and news. Besides, this is a little more flashy! I hope you like it as much as I do. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be continuing to update and add events as I know about them.

You can always sign up in the sidebar to your right for the latest publication news, readings, and workshops.


  • Updated Mentoring information.
  • Updated Editing information. New exclusive offering: First Chapter Critique!
  • Updated Events page.
  • Updated Publications and links: check out to read!
  • Updated About page.
  • News Page.

I’ll be continuing to update and tweak the site to reflect new information. When there is news, I’ll post another update through the News page. When there are new events, I’ll post them up here as well. I’ll be adding new features to the website—including support for orders, so where there are books or merchandise available, the support will be there. I’m also considering putting mentoring hours as purchasable content!

P.S. Big shout out and thanks to the wonderful tech people behind my website:! Thank you so much for your help! If you’re looking for a superb web host, please please please check them out.